Celiac Support Association Recognition Seal

Since 2004, products bearing the Celiac Support Association (CSA) Recognition Seal represent a critical review of the company’s manufacturing practices and procedures to reduce risk for celiac and gluten sensitive customers. In addition to testing products with the strictest testing methods in the industry, the CSA Recognition Seal indicates the company’s commitment to communicating product information to the consumer.

CSA Recognition Seal products are tested using the most sensitive ELISA or other relevant test available in the United States. ELISA testing must show a product is at less than 5 ppm — additional verification testing may be required depending upon the type of food. Companies must submit the analysis of ingredients and manufacturing procedures (HACCP) to assure the products meet the requirements for the CSA Recognition Seal. The CSA Recognition Seal provides the customer with additional information to use when managing their personal food choices.

PASCHA is proud to have the CSA Recognition Seal on our chocolate products.

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