Fair Trade USA

Fair Trade USA is a non-for-profit organization which guarantees small farmers in developing countries receive fair prices for their crops from international partners. This leading third-party certifier audits and certifies transactions between companies and their international suppliers. The farmer must agree to provide fair working standards (paying a fair wage to his workers and guaranteeing a safe working environment), follow environmentally sound farming practices and invest in their community to empower and improve their district.

Fair Trade also seeks to cut out layers between producers and buyers to foster long-term relationships between workers and those who buy their goods. The Fair Trade practice provides the farmer a chance to compete and grow within a global food marketplace, supported by training and resources designed to support their growth as businesspeople.

Fair Trade USA’s mission is to also educate consumers who are concerned about the state of the world as well as to invest time to look for opportunities in hopes of making a positive difference.

PASCHA is committed to sourcing Fair Trade certified ingredients, helping to ensure that our economy supports people and their communities. Through equitable trade, farming families are able to eat better, educate their children, improve health and housing and invest in the future.

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