PASCHA’s chocolate philosophy is based on purity and minimalism – using only what is essential for excellent chocolate and ensuring every ingredient is as pure as possible.   
Cocoa itself is a very complex food, with several hundred individual compounds, many of which have very beneficial health impacts. This complexity expresses itself in different cocoa beans grown in different geographies and with different local environments. PASCHA’s goal, as a chocolatier, is to allow the simplest expression of this natural complexity to allow the taste and benefits to be enjoyed.
In developing the PASCHA chocolate sourcing we visited organic Finca’s in Latin America, where one can see, side by side, growing wild in the same natural ecosystem, cocoa trees, sugar cane, vanilla, and some fruit. These are all the ingredients essential in achieving great chocolate, and they all grow naturally together. What we did not see on these Finca’s were ingredients such as nuts, soy, milk or wheat. These latter ingredients are the Western world’s development and “improvement” of the natural chocolate that nature has provided for thousands of years. PASCHA’s approach is to simply and fundamentally go back to the basic chocolate ingredients that nature provides and which naturally coexist together. Pure chocolate as perhaps nature intended.
PASCHA therefore adopts the following principles to our chocolate-making:
1.  Use only ingredients that might be found naturally together, like cocoa and sugar cane.
2.  Use ingredients that are organic or at least grow under organic principles.
3.  Produce as close as possible to the source of these ingredients, to preserve freshness and to reduce the possibility of contamination or spoilage in any way.
4.  Produce in a bean to bar process:  in the same facility the bean goes in and chocolate comes out. So little chocolate is made this way but it is the only way to guarantee the purest possible product.
5.  While we hope to gradually increase the range of chocolate types that we produce, we will only make product that adheres to these principles.
We hope you enjoy our pure and natural creations.