“Yayyyyyy!!!!! Healthier chocolate for my little one. I’m thinking PASCHA is going to be a big part of our life!!!! With allergies to peanut, tree nuts, sesame, egg, mustard, coconut, shrimp and salmon our options are limited so this will be so nice for my little one.”

Brandi J.from San Clemente, California

“I just wanted to take a moment to compliment you on your delicious and clean products! I love that I can feed my husband and me foods that we love, but are also not contaminated with unnecessary pesticides, herbicides, etc. I’m so grateful that companies such as yours are taking a stand with our food and bringing us back to the way our ancestors ate with fresh, whole, organic ingredients. Thank you again for all you are doing, not just in our lives, but also for the lives of the community.”

Tiffani S.from Arlington, Texas

“Just wanted to let you know I love your incredible chocolate! I’m vegan and happy to have a caring compassionate choice of chocolate!!!!”

Nancy S.from Long Island, New York

“I found your chocolate while shopping today and wow! Wow! Wow! Amazing texture and flavor. I love the mouth feel. Nothing waxy about it, just a very nice melt. Thanks for creating a safe, responsible chocolate bar for those of us who need it and at the superior quality that I prefer. You made my day!”

Mary P.from Houston, Texas

“I’ve been eating mostly Paleo due to several food allergies. As a treat, I’ve tried to look for super clean dark chocolate bars that are allergy free. Usually, I like 75% CACAO or higher,  I saw your 70% CACAO bar and was lured in by the fact that it was free of SO many allergens!! IT IS THE BEST chocolate on the planet. SERIOUSLY. I cannot WAIT to try the 85% one the next time I find it in a store!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!”

Priya B.from Novato, California

“Best chocolate ever. As a vegan, I miss real milk chocolate. Your REAL 55% bar is uber delicious. Thank you!!!!”

Heather D.from Yelm, Washington

“An organic chocolate bar that is truly soy free too! Yum. Can’t wait for Valentine’s Day this year.”

Sandy A.from Johnstown, New York

“Oh PASCHA, I love your choco with Cocoa Nibs so very much!”

Shelby K.from Bowling Green, Ohio

” I’ve had a lot of dark chocolate in my life. By far, I think this is the BEST I have ever had! Good job!”

Mike H.from San Ramon, California

“Being a life long allergy sufferer, I truly appreciate your company and product. So nice to be able to eat chocolate of such high quality and not have to worry about what it may contain. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!”

Jill L.from Fort Madison, Iowa

“Just saw and purchased your chocolate at Fresh Market. We have a daughter with multiple food allergies: peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, raw dairy (can have cooked dairy), sesame, peas, and sunflower seeds. We have looked for YEARS for products like this. THANK YOU! There are not enough words to celebrate your products. Keep it up. You will change the world for kids and adults with allergies!!!!”

Gregory S.from Wisconsin

“I tried both bars and not only were they delicious but I was able to eat them without any issues!  This is huge for someone like me that is allergic to a number of foods.”

Noel B.from Redding, California

“THANK YOU!!!! PASCHA is my favorite chocolate not only because I can (safely) eat it, but because it’s so pure and delicious. Thank you for this wondrous gift that is PASCHA Chocolate.”

Tanya R.from Stuart, Florida

“I was introduced to your chocolate at the Gluten Free Expo in Chicago about a month ago. It is hands down the best chocolate I’ve ever had, and I’ve tried too many to count!  I’ve had a severe gluten allergy for seven years. The only sweets I enjoy is a dark chocolate.”

Michelle M.from Chicago, Illinois

“I wanted to say again how happy I was to come across your booth at the Gluten Free/Allergen Free Expo in Chicago over the weekend. I’ve never been a fan of dark chocolate, but the only ones I’d been able to try due to my allergies were 85% or higher. Discovering your 55% Cacao bar was wonderful, and I’m savoring every small square! When I finally finish my bar, I’ll be taking the package to my local grocery store to ask them to PLEASE stock the 55%, at the very least!”

Samantha M.from South Bend, Indiana

“My synagogue just held a festival entitled Chocolate and Jewish Values. Fair Trade Judaica showed the documentary “The Dark Side of Chocolate” and told us about the organization, Fair Trade Judaica, which lists chocolates that are both Fair Trade and Kosher on its website. I went looking for Fair Trade, Kosher Pareve Chocolate at markets in Rockville and found your 70% & 85% chocolate bars at Fresh Market in Rockville. PASCHA was one of several brands that my family tried after Shabbat dinner. We found PASCHA to be the best, your chocolate is wonderful. The world needs delicious Fair Trade kosher Pareve chocolate.”

Peggy M.from Rockville, Maryland

“Early this spring, my little one had a life threatening reaction to a product that had been processed in a factory that also processes tree nuts. Her tests revealed that she was quite seriously allergic to tree nuts and oddly, sesame seeds and coconut. As you can imagine, the importance of finding food that was both safe and delicious was an instantaneous “front burner” issue. Imagine our delight to discover your chocolates! Finding your products added a ray of sunshine to an otherwise stressful ordeal. Your dark chocolate bar with the cocoa nibs is such a treat for her – you really knocked taste and texture out of the park! Thank you so much for making food that is safe for people with allergies to eat, so pure, and so incredibly delicious. The work you do is important, I truly believe you are on the front lines of an important manufacturing and nutrition trend and doing it so well. We are very grateful for you!”

Anne C.from Columbia, Tennessee