PASCHA’s chocolate philosophy is based on purity and minimalism – using only what is essential for excellent chocolate and ensuring every ingredient is FREE FROM all top eight food allergens from their origin onwards.

PASCHA, therefore, adopts the following principles to our chocolate-making:

  1. Make our chocolate from the cocoa bean onwards in a dedicated allergen free facility. Free from the top eight major food allergens – peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, soy, eggs, wheat, shellfish and fish. It is not acceptable to take generic industrial chocolate and to process it into finished product in a plant which is allergen-free – allergen-free needs to go all the way back through the supply chain.
  2. Use only ingredients that nature provides and wherever possible naturally coexist together, like cocoa, sugar cane, vanilla and some fruit.
  3. Use only fine aroma cocoa beans. Our ingredient list is so simple that you can taste everything in the products – we use the best quality beans with wonderful taste characteristics.
  4. Use ingredients which are organic or at least grow under organic principles.
  5. Use our organic certification and/or principles to ensure every ingredient is fully traceable back to its origin.