PASCHA Chocolate is dedicated to food transparency

PASCHA Chocolate is proud to be a member of the SmartLabel™ community.

With SmartLabel™, you can access detailed PASCHA product information, including Nutrition Information, Ingredients, our FREE FROM Allergen list, our product certifications and more, in a clean, easy-to-read format.

SmartLabel™ allows us to provide additional information about our chocolate products that we don’t have space for on our product packaging.  

You can access SmartLabel™ by:

  • visiting a participating company’s page on Please search for our products on their website, or click here to be taken directly there.
  • scanning PASCHA’s UPC code on our products using the SmartLabel™ app.
  • scanning the SmartLabel™ QR code found on some of our packaging. Look for the words “Smart Label” above the QR code on the back of our packaging.

More information about SmartLabel™ can be found by accessing their website here.

Please find below the PASCHA products currently available in SmartLabel™: