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What makes PASCHA Chocolate Unique?

Yes, there are many chocolate brands on your retailer's shelf. What really makes PASCHA special? Our obsession with PURITY and MINIMALISM. We set out to create chocolate which our family and friends with various food allergies and intolerances and dislike of fake food, could enjoy. A line of chocolate products which didn't exist, where no compromises have been made on taste and quality. Starting with each plant-based ingredients we sourced, to our uniquely clean manufacturing process to obtaining the most trusted endorsements available. We forged a chocolate collection which supports our health and happiness. How did we get there?


1) We Lead With Yummy

Chocolate must be indulgent and delectable, no question. A luscious which we look forward to during our busy day. Chocolate can and should be both pure and delisious. Our team knows chocolate and we create products which include only a handful of organic ingredients resulting in a wonderful eating experience. Our customers say it best - "amazing texture - very nice melt - uber delicious - the best chocolate I ever had."

2) The Purest Chocolate - Our Certifications

Our chocolate is certified Organic, NON-GMO, UTZ/Rainforest Alliance, Vegan, Kosher and a member of 1% For The Planet.


3) Allergen-Friendly

Our plant-based products are allergen-friendly, FREE FROM peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, soy and fish. Our chocolate is made in a facility which is FREE FROM these ingredients. These allergens which account for 90% of the allergic reactions in the US. A dedicated facility means our products are not subject to cross-contamination. Our chocolate is also FREE of GMO's, sugar alcohol, refined sugar, sulfites, artificial sweeteners and flavors, hydrogenated oils and trans-fats.

3) The Best Beans

Our ingredient list is so simple that you can taste everything in the products – we use the best quality, fine aroma cocoa beans with wonderful taste characteristics.


3) Nature's True Ingredients - Only A Handful

We use only organic ingredients or ingredients which are grown under organic principals, that nature provides and wherever possible naturally coexist together, like cocoa, rice milk, sugar cane, vanilla and some fruit.

4) Traceability - No Surprises

Our organic certification and our company’s principles, ensure every ingredient is fully traceable back to its origin.

5) No Generic Chocolate

It is not acceptable to us to take generic industrial chocolate and process it into finished products in a plant which is allergen-friendly. We operate allergen friendly all the way back through the supply chain.


6) On The Go, Baking At Home or In a Lunch Box - We're All About Chocolate

PASCHA is focused on creating innovative chocolate products in various size formats for your different daily needs, including bars, minis, chips and spreads. Dark chocolate, rice milk, and sugar-free options are available. We will continue to introduce exciting new innovative chocolate products. Stay tuned...