How is PASCHA Chocolate Sustainable?

What is happening to our planet? Climate change, drought, deforestation and much more. How can our small chocolate business contribute to responsible land use and business practices? By focusing on the highest standard of sustainable farming, starting with picking our organic cocoa beans through the entire manufacturing process, until our plant-based chocolate arrives on the store's shelf.

Our NON-GMO Criollo beans are certified by the UTZ/Rainforest Alliance, the benchmark for cocoa bean crop certification. UTZ is the largest cocoa sustainable certifier in the world, working to advance the cocoa bean industry in 21 countries.

UTZ Works With Farmers To:

1. Teach Better Farming Methods

2. Improve The Working Conditions For Farmers And Workers

3. Help Protect Our Environment and Secure The Earth’s Natural Resources

What Are The Results For The Farmers:

1. Improved Crops

2. A Higher Income

3. Better Immediate and Next Generation Opportunities For Farmers, Workers And Their Families

What Are The Results For All Of Us:

Delicious UTZ Certified Chocolate Which Is Sourced Fairly For Producers, Workers, Suppliers And Our Planet.

UTZ/Rainforest Alliance mandate is to protect nature and work to improve the biodiversity of our plant. For more information on UTZ/Rainforest Alliance, visit