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Delicious & Nutritious!

I was looking for a delicious and nutritious (non-alkali & no sugar) dark chocolate bar to add to my eating lifestyle, and I have found it with Pascha's 100% Cacao Chocolate. Eat well and prosper.

Best chocolate ever!

The most purest, gluten free, best chocolate ever! I believe they do whatever they can to keep
It clean so people with sensitivities or allergies can enjoy one of the fine pleasures in life!

Best chocolate

I have had a lot of chocolate in my lifetime and this is by far the purest tasting chocolate I have ever had. Thank you for this product. It is an exceptional 100% cacao bar with nibs. I eat it daily.

My New go to

I’m a pastry Chef who now has to be gluten and dairy free. I ordered these for my own baking. They are incredible deep dark perfect balance. I have now found my go to. Thank you!

I have been looking for an organic vegan chocolate for quite a while. This is a perfect afternoon treat with a cup of peppermint tea.

Worth A Try

I was genuinely surprised that I liked this. It’s not too bitter when you start to eat them daily. Definitely helps my sweet tooth feel at ease.

LOVE LOVE LOVE This chocolate bar!

I have an extremely limited list of foods I can eat and when a girl just needs a piece of chocolate it is so special to have my Pascha Red Box to reach for! Thank you so much Pascha for making this special treat! Tastes so good and has a great texture! Highly recommend. Just wish more retailers in my area would supply it. Ordered online and was shipped with care and arrived quickly.


The chips are addictive and perfect for chocolate cravings. They also are wonderful for all my cooking needs.

Wow - Really Tasty!

I read the other reviews and wondered what my reaction would be. I too was very pleased with the taste and crunch and satisfying sensation from this yummy chocolate. Keep it up!!!


Love the clean ingredients!

Clean Ingredients and Just the Right Amount of Sweetness

These have been a big hit with our chocolate-loving family— even our one-year-old loves them. We use them for baking and snacking.

Delicious, Quality Dark Chocolate

These are such great quality and simple ingredients (nothing artificial or unhealthy) for delicious dark chocolate taste. In a recipe or out of your hand, these are the best!! Also, shipping is excellent in even Florida's hottest summer time weather since they insulate the box and add an ice pack!

Finally a chocolate safe for autoimmune disease

I bought this for my husband. This is the most AIP, paleo friendly bar he's ever seen. He has an extreme case of hashimoto's and uses this chocolate twice a day in smoothies. It makes the smoothies delicious and seems to help with his severe internal inflamation. He highly recommends it.

Very Good

I really appreciate the possibility to have darker chocolate with less sugar. The taste is great and I am very happy with my purchase. They are a healthy and delicious treat.

The best!!

I have gone toward a cleaner diet with minimal sugars, gf and dairy free to support some cancer issues but I still needed an occasional “treat” or dessert somehow. So I’ve turned to chocolate chips haha, small but mighty and I can have a lot or a little. So I have tried TONS of different chocolate chip brands over the last several months to find the best most delicious as-is. And THESE are the ones! 55% barely dark is just right! Minimal added sugar, but perfect richness somehow. I put them in the fridge so they are crunchy and I love them so much. I stumbled upon this brand at a health food store while on vacation, so I quickly went to their website to order more to my home. Pretty sure I will never look back and this is my new brand for life!

Delicious Quality Chocolate

These are my favs!! Who knew sugarless could taste SO good! No bitterness, just the sweetness that comes through these delicious morsels. Satisfies my little chocolate craving in recipes or straight out of hand. Also, shipping is excellent in the Florida heat since they insulate the box and pack it with an ice pack - I can order with confidence during the summer months. =)


Hard to believe that there is no sugar in these, they are soooo good.


I eat these either as a snack or to make my coffee mocha flavored. Best chocolate Ive ever had, and theyre low in sugar and high in antioxidants so that’s a huge plus!

My Favorite

I love this chocolate it is my favorite, I just have to make it last longer. I also thank your company for the allergen free gift those with allergies. It is absolutely delicious.

Not enough cold packs

So I got the 10 lbs. of baking chocolate, which is delicious, but half of it was melted when I got it. I paid for the extra cold pack, even though they were supposed to include one anyway. So in my mind as the customer there should have theoretically been 2 cold packs. There was only one included and the side that did not have the cold pack was melted. I am disappointed by that.

Excellent 100% chocolate bar

I had been buying the Montezuma 100% bars at Trader Joe's. When they discontinued carrying them, I looked for a good replacement. These Pascha bars fit the bill. They have avoided the off-taste that some other bars have, while being deliciously chocolaty.

The Best

I never thought I’d find such a clean allergen free chocolate.
Aside of that it’s the best chocolate I’ve ever had, this company cares!

Good Quality Dark Chocolate

I've just started eating Pascha chocolate with my breakfast. I am favorably impressed, even if the price is a bit steep.

Love This No-Sugar Chocolate!

I was thrilled to find 100% Cacao Unsweetened Chocolate Chips because I thought my decision to cut out sugar was going to be the end of my lifelong love of chocolate. Before going sugarless, I was having my happy-hour chocolate in the form of 72-99% cacao, so it was an easy adaptation--as soon as I opened the bag and smelled good CHOCOLATE, I knew. Now, these chips are my end of day treat, and I take them along everywhere. Thank you, Pascha