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Great Testing Chocolate

Fabulous taste with a benefit of some crunch. I place in the fridge for a refreshing delight. Best to eat in small sections .
Great that product is non-alkylized

Really delicious. Not too bitter like other very dark chocolate can be.

The Perfect Balance

To my taste, this is Pascha's best bar. Just sweet enough to overcome the natural bitterness. Excellent consistency and flavor. Admittedly I do wish they would offer an 85% bar with those niblets.

Serious Chocolate

This is the real deal! The niblets take it to the next level. Sugar addicts need not apply.

Best chocolate chips ever!

Pascha is one of my absolute favorite chocolate chips to bake with and to satisfy the occasional chocolate craving 😉. They are simply decadent!

70% Cacao Organic Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar (2.8 oz)
christine.berger (San Francisco, US)
good quality chocolate - will probably up the cacao ratio next time

this is a delicious chocolate with a smooth velvety texture - it is a little sweet for me so I will probably go darker next time, but I deliberately started a little low on the ratio the first time.

Taste great!

This 85% dark chocolate bar is very smooth! I loved the taste and it is very healthy for your heart! I will definitely be buying more of these bars. I have tried other chocolate bars, but Pascha is definitely the best by far of brands I’ve tried! I will definitely be buying more! Love their chocolate!

Best chocolate I have had!

I have tried many chocolate bars and this one is great! And the health benefits are great too! Some chocolates I’ve tried similar to this one (100%) were bitter, but not this bar. I’m hooked!


Hello to whomever gets to read this... I'm 78 years old and the grandmother of 3 anaphylactic grandchildren. My home is free of peanuts, tree-nuts (except almonds, cashews & pistachios), dairy and eggs!!! Pascha Dark Chocolate is delicious and safe for us to have in the house. It's the only chocolate I'll eat and also melt for decorating cookies. Thank you for doing such a good job making it!!!!

bulk dark cacao chips

First, I love that these are organic and dark cacao. They are delicious and I don't feel guilty eating them because they are so healthy in so many ways...yeah ! So grateful to have found you.
I've been buying single packages for quite a while at my local grocery store. I decided to check you guys out online and was thrilled to see you had them in bulk. When I got the box I bagged them up and put them in a cool dry place. I will definitely being placing another order.
Thank you so much.

So yummy

We really love these chocolate chips - for baking and for snacking! We also appreciate the care and thought and responsible stewardship that goes into making them. It was the major factor in our choice of Pascha chocolate.

Sweets For A Diabetic Sweet Tooth

Packaging and arrival were quicker than anticipated. I was salivating as I unwrapped the first bar and wasn't disappointed.
I eat the recommended amount daily and have not had any spikes in my blood sugar readings. I am experimenting with adding them to smoothies and other recipes. I am sure there are other health benefits that I will discover over time.
As advertised, it definitely causes a good mood.

Best vegan white chocolate!

I love this white chocolate! I own a vegan bakery and am always searching for the highest quality and best taste possible, and Pascha definitely has nailed it! I love how clean the ingredients are and my customs only have wonderful things to say about my baked goods that include the white chocolate. Thank you so much!


We ordered a 10 pound box of 55% Cacao Organic Vegan Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate Chips. They are great! They are exactly what I have been looking for - great vegan organic chocolate without having to worry about supply chain issues. Perfect. I will order again (and again and again...)

Happy wife happy life.

Wife absolutely loves this. Good news. Bad news is I now have to keep buying the boxes.

Best non sugar based chocolate

I’m a big chocolate person and also keto. These work out great. A bit on the sweet side. I’ve suggested they find a way to bump it up to 85% or 90% to balance they bitter / sweet. I admit I may be alone in that.

Pure Indulgence

Pascha Organic 85% Dark Chocolate was highly recommended by A PHD Nutritionist as one of the best over-alI healthiest chocolates. Finally, as a health enthusiast my hunt is over for the perfect melt in you mouth-delicious-good for you chocolate.

55% Chocolate Bars with Cocoa Nibs

Mom's favorite chocolate!
And good for her too!
Thank you!


Love the taste. Perfect for Dairy Free baking!


I love this 100% cocoa chocolate organic and allergen free! I eat at least 1/2 a bar every day ! I did have a problem with two of them I bought n tasted moldy but called company and they assured me they checked the batch it was fine ! N replaced . Wish they had free shipping to monthly customers thu .


I can make chocolate chip cookies for my kids and not have to worry about the sugar intake and so happy you test for mycotoxins. A lot of chocolate out there is dirty!! So thankful for this company! These morsels taste delicious!

Amazing Taste

This has been a life saver. We are on a very strict diet as a family medically due to unforeseen circumstances and going sugar free for a while is one of the restrictions along with mycotoxin free foods. I am a chocolate fanatic and to find Pascha who not only tests for mycotoxins and publicly displays the information but you also make sugar free chocolate that tastes incredible. I am so grateful for this company! I can still make yummy chocolate treats for my children on treat days at school so they feel included!


I've been searching for good, dark chocolate chips in bulk for a long time. I'm so happy I found Pascha chocolate. I'm thrilled to support a company which ethically sources ingredients, packaging and creates a truly delicious product. The dark chocolate baking chips are an excellent snack and for other times when chocolate chips are needed.


for a chocolate with no sugar it's ok. I like it . I like that it's made with cacao , as I understand cacao has more health benefits than cocoa.