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Again, again, and… again, I will order this product!

Twice I have ordered this product, as my chocolate consumption is extremely high - 60 pounds last year. I will be ordering this exact product again! Thank you for existing, Pascha!


Received as a Christmas gift and absolutely love it. I ended up purchasing more bars afterwards! Incredible flavor and not too bitter for a dark chocolate.

Organic Dark Chocolate

It was almost impossible for me to find plain organic dark chocolate with less than 65% cacao. This is a very good organic dark chocolate that is not as acidic as most of the others that have 70% + cacao. Please consider making one with mint flavor. I will definitely purchase again.

I eat the chocolate chips as a treat through out the day. I feel the organic and high percent of cacao give me a healthy treat. My grandkids enjoy the "bitties" from Grammy also.

The best

These are the best 85% Cacao I have ever had. Cacao with little to no sugar is very healthy. I eat these instead of buying chocolate bars of the same level of cacao. This is in addition to my daily very concentrated drink of raw cacao powder.

Like expensive sipping whiskey.

It is really good to just focus on the taste of the chocolate. It is exquisite! However, if you take a really big bite, it can be overwhelming.
I really like it and will order it again.


It’s so hard to find vegan white chocolate that tastes good and melts well
I made some hot chocolate bombs and they were a hit
I have to work on figuring out the right tempering temperatures for white chocolate…. But all in all this product is AMAZEBALLS!

Heavenly & Healthy

One of my all-time favorite chocolate bars. Creamy, rich, slightly sweeter chocolate with crunchy un-sweetened cocoa nibs -- great mix of flavors and textures. In my experience, only chocolate made in an allergen-free facility is truly safe if you have serious allergies. I'm very grateful to Pascha for this wonderful, organic, healthy chocolate!


These baking chips are delicious! I love that I found a good vegan alternative!



Good alternative for people with intolerances

My love is dark chocolate but I don’t tolerate it well. White chocolate with milk won’t do as I’m lactose intolerant, so this is it! I wish it weren’t so sweet but it tastes like it’s ingredients. It’s not going to be for everyone, but my kids and I like it.


This is the real deal! 100% allergen free chocolate!

Amazing 100% chocolate chips!

As a self taught chocolatier, I love all the varieties of Pascha chocolate but the 100% has a special role in my creations. I make date sweetened truffles that are as healthy as they are yummy. I also make vegan fudge using sweetened condensed coconut milk and the 100% chocolate chips. Both of these creations have a divinely dark chocolate flavor with a perfect balance of sweetness thanks to the 100% chocolate.

Pascha 100 % Baking Chips are great

We love using the Pascha 100% Baking Chips for all of our recipes. The best are using it in no sugar cookies. The rich flavor makes for an excellent balance. These are also the best in traditional cookies. Thanks for the great products.


Thinking I could never have one of my favorite dairy products, white chocolate, I was thrilled to find these chips. I don’t even miss the dairy. So yummy!

Best Dark Chocolate Bars Ever

Incredible flavor without any crappy ingredients like soy! Velvety texture and perfect for making my homemade bark.

Perfect size, great flavor

Favorite sugar free chocolate chips! We eat them daily


I have Pascha 100% Cacao Chips every day in my BREAKFAST bowl! So yummy!!! (Usually lunch too... ;) ) xo

Organic Vegan White Baking Chips (7.1 oz)
William S. (Sterling Heights, US)
Good stuff

It's pretty good it is very close to the regular white chocolate. There is however a certain flavor that is missing. It has a very smooth rounded creamy flavor but it is missing that little bit of I think bitter that is normaly in chocolate and white chocolate.

This chocolate chips is perfect for my Keto chocolate chip cookies

Glad I found this one for use in my Keto chocolate chip cookies. It is a little pricey though.

Delish Chips/Bars

Let's get one thing straight.... these are vegan, so they aren't going to be as creamy as traditional white baking chips/bars.

Despite that, these are great baking chips/bars. I use these for my winter blondies, and roughly chop about 2 bars/use 3/4 cup for 1 recipe. The /chips/bars keep their shape while baking, and melt in your mouth upon biting into it. Buy 2 and give it a try.

Vegan Baking

These white chocolate chips were perfect for my baking needs and so worth the money. Will be ordering again in the future!!

Perfect dark chocolate bar that is Keto friendly

I looked for this type of chocolate at many local stores but did not find one that I like. I also spent several hours searching on the internet before that I found this one which is reasonably priced. This chocolate is smooth and have the right balance of sweetness and bitterness of dark chocolate. Will definitely buy again and again!

They are who we thought they were!

Tastes pretty darn good for a sugarless product!