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Excellent product

Perfect for my Keto diet. Highly recommended!

Amazing Vegan Chocolate!

I go through lots of vegan chocolate in my bakery. You simply can’t beat the quality and value of this chocolate!

Healthy and Tasty

Great chocolate taste, and avoids sugar which is great for a diabetic. I don't like a taste that is overly sweet, and this was just right.


Didn't know what to expect as far as taste and quality of the white chocolate bar but to my surprise it was AMAZING. Finished the first bar in a matter of days
and will be reordering.

Best Chocolate

I like the combination of the dark chocolate and the coffee flavor. A good combination. Glad it is something I can eat, some are not able to eat.

An espresso like delicious treat!

Just tried for the first time and I felt like I was back in Rome enjoying a delicious espresso ! A small piece packs a big chocolate flavor with a neat hint of coffee!


It’s excellent for my Keto lifestyle.

Safe and delicious

I suffer from SO many allergies and I’d begun to think chocolate was something I would never eat again... AND THEN I FOUND PASCHA!
My bag of milk chocolate chips (that amazingly have no milk and the beautiful taste would never reveal that) did not survive the first week in my kitchen. Muffins, pancakes, and finally just eaten straight out of a bowl, they brought some needed joy back into my life. I will be re-ordering more bags as soon as payday comes!
Thank you Pascha!


the white chips were good but sence i am not vegan i think i would like milk less sweetener more vanilla a little more...the black bars are always the best...thanks.....vince

Best of the Best

I have tried multiple brands of vegan chocolate to use at my vegan bakery, and this one takes the cake. (pun intended) I have had to physically remove other brands from my mouth, so I was hesitant to try another vegan brand of chocolate, but this met and exceeded my expectations. Bulk order coming your way, Pascha!

It is so delicious!! Definitely will buy more bars!!!!


These chips are the best ever especially for my Vegan customers. I always grab a few chips and pop them into myh mouth when I'm baking with them.

It was good for my sugar love it. To me it like it said bitter at first then sweet. It help my craving for sweet.


Love the chocolate, price is a bit high

White bar yum

Ok this was so good that I only got two bits. My daughter ate the rest and was sad the next day when I told her there wasn't anymore left. YUM.

Taste Great

I love these chocolate bars. Since I don't consume products with added sugar, these are a great way to get my chocolate fix. And they taste GREAT!!

Best Chips Ever!

I have extensive food allergies but even if I didn’t I would still use only these baking chips because Pascha chocolate is so amazingly delicious. I use them in baked goods, sprinkle them on treats and eat them right out of the bag by the handful. So good!!!!

No milk baking chips are good

The chips taste good and were worth the two weeks I had to wait to get them. I made some wonderful chocolate chip peanut butter gluten free cookies.

Yum dark chocolate!

Excellent to have a vegan chocolate to bake with.

Rare Treat

Trying to fined great quality chocolate that can be used for backing a cake or making truffles is not easy. Trying to find that kind of chocolate that is ethically grown and harvested and does not contain soy is almost impossible. This chocolate is one of the rare chocolates that I can eat and that is also an ethical product.


I'm not a huge fan of white chocolate because it is too sweet, but this was pretty good. I bought it for my husband and he loves it!

Love This Chocolate!

Great Taste, less sugar and works well in our chocolate mousse. We are planning on purchasing this produce again in the bulk size.

Love these chocolate chips!

I have bought 2 cases of the regular sized dark chocolate chips. I bought these to use in mini muffins because we LOVE the regular ones. I love that there is no sugar added!

Great tasting!

Love the taste. Good for baking and snacking!

My confession

I wanted to try a bitter sweet chocolate chip to go with my 100% cocoa choc chips. You see, I confess, I have a handful of these, together, every night as a desert. The combination is perfectly balanced. The next thing to do is add them to my cookie mix, which almost asuredly will knock the socks off of my family's expectations.
These are the best bitter sweet chocolate chips I have tasted!!