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Excellent Chocolate

So happy I switched to this chocolate brand! It works perfectly for my small business.

Mycotoxins Free!

I have reactions to molds in chocolate. All Pascha chocolate is tested for mycotoxins, unlike other chocolate in the USA.

Best Chocolate Chips for dairy and sugar sensitivity

I am sensitive to dairy and sugar, so these chips work great for me and are much less expensive to buy in bulk. I had ordered these previously from Amazon and then ordered the semi-sweet after these were gone. I found there was too much sugar in the semi-sweet for me (both in taste and how the sugar affected me) so I'm back to the 85% cacao with very low sugar. Well packaged and timely arrival; glad I ordered direct this time as they were less expensive than Amazon. Definitely my go-to chips (oh..... melted, mixed with coconut oil and poured into silicone molds - they make awesome chocolate candies that everyone seems to love.) My husband doesn't have any food sensitivities, but he loves these as much as I do.

Just trying to make my chocolate habit as healthy as possible. This is the highest quality, best tasting chocolate I have found. Excellent!

Best Sugar Free Chips I’ve tried

These are the best Stevia sweetened chocolate chips. I’ve tried several different brands. Pascha is my favorite brand of Chips. I love the clean ingredients. I use the vegan white Chips, the 100% Chips, and the 85% Chips in all my baking. And now I am also using the Sugar Free Stevia Chips.

coffee chocolate goodness

since they don't have almond or sea salt flavours, i bought the coffee. also, it's too hot for me to drink my coffee, so it seemed like a good idea. this dark chocolate is wonderful. you can definitely taste the coffee, but it doesn't overwhelm the chocolate. yay allergy free deliciousness!


i have coeliac, soy and egg allergies. it's nearly impossible to find a treat that's both tasty and safe for me to eat. i was disappointed when i ordered because they don't have sea salt or caramel varieties, but this is the BEST chocolate i've ever had! it doesn't need anything added to it. its creamy, dark flavour is perfection. i'm very happy i found this chocolate!

Taste Test Winner

I ordered three different chocolates to make chocolate chip cookies with, the 55%, 70% (bar which I made into chunks), and the 85%. My taste testers were thrilled with the richness of the chocolates and found this one to have great balance of chocolate and sweet inside of a cookie which they loved and so dubbed the winner!

Taste Test Contender

I ordered three different chocolates to make chocolate chip cookies with, the 55%, 70% (bar which I made into chunks), and the 85%. My taste testers were thrilled with the richness of the chocolates and found this one to have "very intense chocolate taste" which they loved. I like it quite a lot as well but in my book (mouth) the 70% is the winner :)

Organic Vegan White Baking Chips (7.1 oz)
Melissa B. (Blairsville, US)
Pretty Good

I ordered white chocolate because of histamine issues caused by normal chocolate. I'm not gonna lie. Whit chocolate will never compare to real chocolate, but this one isn't half bad, especially for being dairy free. Thanks, Pascha!

Excellent Chips

I used these chocolate chips in low carb baking and they are the best I have used. Unfortunately, shipping to Canada is high and I was surprised to find out there was duty as well, when UPS delivered the parcel.


I have been looking for vegan white chocolate chips for biscotti and these made them perfect.

A big box of dark chocolate chips!

I love this chocolate. I like the taste of this dark chocolate, even though dark chocolate has a tinge of bitterness to it. I love these with pecans and walnuts. It's my go-to at the end of a day as a treat for me. If you buy this box of chips, as a precaution, watch how you open the bag. The bag is inside the box and the chips are bulk inside, no little bags to mess around with. I just started this box and we go through chocolate semi-quickly in our household, so I am hoping the freshness stays till the end of the bag. I rubber band the bag opening, like one would do with a bulk spice.
The package came well packed and the chips were not melted even in the Arizona climate, but that extra cost will go away in our winter months, so that is when I will buy my next box. Pascha has a great product. I will buy again. My next adventure with these chips will be to bake with them. Thank you Pascha for a quality chocolate.

My favorite chocolate and allergy friendly!

This dark chocolate is creamy, rich and delicious and works with all of my family's food allergies (nuts, gluten, dairy). We are able to enjoy it on its own or in assorted desserts with complete peace of mind that none of us will have an allergic reaction - what a treat. Highly recommend Pascha chocolate to all!

Organic Vegan White Bar (2.8 oz)
Ryan G. (Kissimmee, US)
Great taste & texture

Closest healthy white chocolate alternative on the market. Period.

Our best choice

The one and only chocolate for our family ❤️

A perfect crunch

For many of us, eating certain ways like whole food paleo leaves us wanting for some nice crunch in our food. I love the nibs because it satisfies the desire for some crunchiness that we just dont get with eating whole foods that arent fried etc lol. So if you are also missing chips and fried snacks, try these bars instead :)

Very Tasty

Very tasty chocolate chips

Yummy, Safe and Organic

I have a pretty limited diet from Chronic Illness and food allergies. I also have to be careful to mostly eat organic. It can be incredibly hard to find something free of my allergens and organic. This chocolate is amazing! I’ve tried about four or five different kinds at this point and they are all fabulous. I feel good about eating it and look forward to trying more….though I’m starting to understand why they come in bulk too(I’m going through this order pretty quickly).

Great quality!

Excellent for baking and snacking. Thank you Pascha for the quality and great packaging.

Smooth taste

I usually don't eat dark chocolate because it doesn't have the same smooth taste as milk chocolate. This 55% bar fits the bill because it's darker than milk but it also has a creamy taste. I also love that it's organic and free from allergens. It's a wonderful bar from a wonderful company!

Awesome little chips

There are great...their smaller size make them great for keto mix it's with the same dark rich flavor

Great product!

There were a number of desserts that I had been unable to make since becoming vegan many years ago. That is no longer true! Thanks for providing a great product!

Best Chocolate!

Absolute favorite! Non waxy, great tasting real chocolate with no junk!