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pascha chocolates

the 100% cacao organic vegan dark chocolate bar is the most best addition to the pasta offerings

o chips

Excellent value.

Best healthy sugar-free chocolate

Best chocolate that I've had that is sugar-free. No artificial sweeteners. Brilliantly balanced with chocolate nibs.

Something changed

I Love, love, loved these No milk chips they were smooth and creamy like "milk chocolate"not like other chocolate chips. Being a Vegan for 30 years I was so happy! I eat them daily as a treat. I purchased several cases last summer and just recently re ordered. The new case has changed they now taste like regular chocolate chips. Something changed which is a bummer. I'd love it if the previous recipe came back. I give the old recipe 5 stars but the new recipe just barely gets a 4.

Fabulous dark chocolate!!

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these 85% Extra Bitter-Sweet Dark chocolate chips. They have just the right amount of sweetness for baking and for what I love the most: munching on them for a snack. It is also great to be able to order in the 10 lbs. bulk box. I will continue to be a repeat customer..... you have me hooked!!

Best sugar free chocolate out there

I eat chocolate almost every night. I love these non-sugar chips. They are the best size to eat one or two with some nuts. My best go to snack at night. This is high quality chocolate.

70% stevia sweetened

I am very pleased with the balance of dark chocolate with its sweetness. Well done, Pascha!

Too sweet but still the best sugar free I've found

I find this to be far sweeter than a bitter-sweet chocolate should be, to me. But I don't eat any sugar so these are are a great alternative to just living without chocolate chips! Yes, you definitely have that "cooless" from the stevia, so be aware if you're not used to that. But these are still my go-to for sugar free baking, and just eating a small handful as a treat.

Great Keto Chips

I have been using the Keto Chip (70% Cacao). I do like them. However once you are using the 100% or 85% it is difficult to leave the rich taste of the 100% or 85% cacao chips. Regardless of that Pashca products are great and I use them in backing and my morning oats or cereal. Thanks for keeping up the great products.

The best tasting chocolate

My five year old granddaughter has several food allergies. She loves dark and white chocolate. Pascha chocolate leaves no after taste and it's not sickening sweet like other brands we've tried. Its very difficult to find foods she likes and taste good. I'm so grateful I found Pascha. Maybe in the future you can make seasonal candy in shapes for children (like a bunny or Santa).

Best Ingredients

Love this brand and the quality of chocolate! We use this for the chocolate coating on our food product and we always get compliments on the chocolate. I hope they come out with a sugar free white chocolate 🤞🏼

70% Cacao Organic Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar with Organic Stevia (2.8 Oz) - Sugar-Free & Keto Friendly
Nicholas M. (Idaho Falls, US)
Very good chocolate. Best keto option ou there

I love this chocolate. Good intense flavor, sweet but not too sweet. Delicious

high quality product

I have been using this product for years and the quality has been very consistent. I highly recommend this.

The chocolate is excellent. Shipping was great, nice, cool, container.

This is the one!

In short words Wow! What an amazing bar of goodness, I devour them without realizing and is always the same feeling of wanting more of that rich dark chocolate with crunchy nibs - it has a flavour that I hasn't encounter in other brands (I have tried many of the ones in the market and this is my absolute favorite)... I use to eat it with some dates for a touch of natural sweetness and just hope everyone gets the opportunity to get to try these combination in their life, it's real chocolate love ❤️ thanks to everyone behind Pascha, your work is the careful packaging that prevents melting no matter how long it sits on your porch👌🏽 a piece of art!

70% Cacao Organic Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar with Organic Stevia (2.8 Oz) - Sugar-Free & Keto Friendly
John K. (Bedford, US)

Came quick and they taste great

Awesome product, terrific customer service

I’m a huge fan of this product! I usually get the 70-85% cacao and it’s delicious. I buy it all the time and recommend it and gift it to my friends, especially the vegans and vegetarians in my circle. The customer service is very responsive and fair in their dealings with me. Whenever I’ve had any issues (rarely, thankfully), they have taken great care of my account!

85% Chips

I have ordered these at least 5-6 times already. A small quantity go with my daily lunch mix (I press these into my dates) Each and every time I’ve received great quality in a timely manner. Most probably I’ll remain a customer for a long time.

Perfect Chocolate

Perfect baking chips for waffles, cookies, cakes and also for a little snack after dinner!

Great Chocolate

I got the Pascha 55 percent Cacao Barely Dark Chocolate bars for my husband. He really likes them, which I may add they are not bad. They are not bitter like other dark chocolate. And does not have wheat or nuts in them. I was surprised how they arrived. They were packed on ice packs and wrapped neatly in the box. Arrived the day after I ordered them. Very satisfied. I will be ordering again.

Best tasting white chocolate...

Awesome little chips! They melt very nicely. Nothing better than a white chocolate chip cookie with dried cherries, except maybe just eating the cookie dough! Store well in the freezer.

Best White Chocolate!

I am very particular what my family eats...very limited on "packaged" foods. This is definately and exception. It is really white chocolate! Very creamy and not overly sweet. Very excellent treat straight out of the freezer. They melt nicely too, but not in your hand! Thank you for an exceptional product.


This has become my go-to snack to pick me up throughout the day. I love the surprisingly smooth texture, and the taste is great. I didn't think I'd ever enjoy sugarless chocolate, but I've become a convert. The shipping was also great! I was worried when I ordered it shipped down south in a heat wave that it would not survive, but it was completely unmelted. 10/10 will buy again

This white chocolate is the best I have worked with dairy or non dairy. I make cake pops and this chocolate is so easy to work with, looks great and tastes great.

Great Quality for a Great Price

Great tasting healthy chocolate and that is has no emulsifiers or added seed oils. The quality of the chocolate for the price it's at is amazing!