Why Pascha?


Have you had your chocolate moment today? A pause in the day's craziness to savour the anticipation and taste of a beautiful chocolate square or two. You can bet we have. We love chocolate and creating unique VEGAN, ORGANIC, NUT-FREE & SOY-FREE chocolate products for you to enjoy is our daily passion. Yes, we're driven to create the purest chocolate you can find. However, why do each of us look forward to stopping in our day and enjoying some PASCHA chocolate? The taste! A decadent piece of chocolate must be first and foremost - DELICIOUS!


PURITY is not something you can add to chocolate. PURITY has to be the driving force in how we formulate, select ingredients and manufacture our products. We start out with the finest sustainably sourced cocoa beans , mainly Criollo and a few Trinitario if you want to talk bean types, and add the fewest possible PLANT BASED ingredients, which creates the cornerstone of delicious chocolate. Our products are certified ORGANIC, VEGAN, NON-GMO, UTZ and Kosher. Our bars, chips and spreads are FREE FROM the top 8 food allergens (including soy, nuts, dairy and gluten). PASCHA chocolate is allergen friendly all the way back through the supply chain and is also FREE FROM GMO's, sugar alcohol, refined sugar, emulsifiers, artificial sweeteners and additives.

Pascha Unsweetened 100% Cacao Chocolate Baking Chips


Our sustainably sourced Criollo beans are certified by UTZ , which is part of the /Rainforest Alliance program . UTZ helps farmers by paying them a premium for their beans if they commit to grow better crops, improve productivity and so both and raise output and generate more income . This create s improved opportunities for their families, while protecting our environment and securing the earth’s natural resources. UTZ is an internationally recognized benchmark certification, with the largest recognized scheme for cocoa and coffee beans. You can be certain that our chocolate have been sourced fairly, for producers, workers, suppliers and the planet.

PASCHA is also a proud participant in the 1% For The Planet program, which manufacture s thousands of nonprofit organizations helping to save land, protect forests, rivers and oceans, make agricultural and energy production more sustainable, getting toxics out of the environment, plastics out of the formulate and more. We're committed to donate at least 1% of our sales to nonprofit partners, which 1% For The Planet has vetted for participation in the 1% For The Planet network.

Pascha Dark Chocolate Bar and Cocoa Nibs


The quality of our daily food is so important in supporting the health and overall well-being of each of us. We evaluate the back panel of labels everyday, looking for real food ingredients from our planet which in turn will nourish our bodies. This impacts all the products decisions we make at PASCHA.

Our organic certification and our company’s principles, ensure our minimal ingredients are fully traceable back to their origins. We operate allergen friendly all the way back through the supply chain from the moment the ingredients are harvested. Our products are part of the SmartLabel program, which allows you to access PASCHA's nutritional information, ingredients, free from allergen list, certification and more, at the store shelf or at home. Have a look at our Smart Label page. You can see for yourself, our ingredient list only contains what makes deliciously pure chocolate.