Pascha Self-Care Series: Post-Menopause & Chocolate Purity

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Supporting your inner health is a movement Pascha Chocolate believes to be critical to our self care journey. Each one of us has a unique lens not only physically, but mentally. Our biological health is personal and at Pascha we know that the purest chocolate can be an important part of your wellness arsenal. We create our blog posts to inspire and inform you about the role our chocolate can play.

Not only have women sworn by the need for chocolate during certain times of the month, but we are now learning that time of day also plays a huge role in the power of chocolate.

A recent study of post menopausal females by researchers at both Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the University of Murcia in Spain focused on the effects of eating chocolate at different times of the day. They found that the timing of when you eat chocolate may change the rhythm and diversity of our immune system and much more.

Yes - this is REAL!

Your Daily Doseof Chocolate

Your Morning FIX

  • Chocolate in the morning showed a decrease in waist size.
  • Chocolate in the morning increased lipid oxidation which is directly related to weight loss.
  • Chocolate in the morning decreased cortisol levels which are directly related to stress.

Your Evening FIX

  • Chocolate at night gives you less desire for sweets throughout the day.
  • Chocolate at night supports next morning high intensity exercising.
  • Chocolate at night significantly lowers appetite and hunger.

Fine tuning your diet continues to show great promise in supporting women’s hormones before, during and after menopause with chocolate having a starring role.

A mindful piece of chocolate each day can help support a lifestyle that creates wellness from the inside out.

Pinch me!

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Less is More with Pascha Chocolate

Pascha chocolate comes from the foothills of the Andes mountains. We make our chocolate “Bean to Bar” at the source, meaning the cacao beans only travel minimally - from the field to a local village to a nearby chocolate factory. The purer the chocolate - the greater the impact. It’s science!

Pascha is vegan, organic, sustainably sourced (Rainforest Alliance), 1% for the Planet, 100% plant-based, gluten-free and includes keto-friendly options.

Our YUMMY chocolate collection includes 55% to 100% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bars and Baking Chips. And our newest product - a single ingredient, Natural Organic Cocoa Powder. Pascha Chocolate is an excellent choice for your daily self care routine.

(May Cause Good Mood)


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