Easy and Delicious Chocolate Snowflakes to Make this Season

Easy and Delicious Chocolate Snowflakes to Make this Season

These chocolate snowflakes are fun and yummy treats to enjoy over the holiday season!

If you ask us, the holiday season is hands down the best when it comes to decorating, festivities, cheer, cooking, baking, and making treats such as these two-tone chocolate snowflakes! 

In addition to being a delicious treat on their own, these chocolates would make a great festive, edible decoration to add to your favorite cookies, cupcakes or a hot cup of cocoa! What will you be adding yours to?

Also note that you can make this recipe year-round. Simply adjust your candy mold choice for the season. 

Helpful tips to keep in mind when making these chocolates

  • To keep things mess free (or almost mess free), consider using a piping bag to pour chocolate into your silicone candy mold.
  • Be sure to tap silicone mold gently on a flat surface after adding in each layer of chocolate.
  • Allow your first layer of chocolate to completely set before adding in your second layer. 

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  • Melt both the PASCHA Chocolate Chips and the White Baking Chips in separate bowls.
  • Add a drizzle of olive oil into the melted 55% Cacao PASCHA Chocolate chips to help it pour smoothly. If using mint extract, add a few drops to the melted 55% Cacao Chocolate. 
  • Pour PASCHA Chocolate into silicone molds and allow to set in the fridge before you pour in the other layer. Tap and lightly shake the mold for each layer to remove any air bubbles and allow it to fill the mold equally. 
  • Remove molds when almost set if planning to top with crushed candy canes. 
  • Set fully and remove from the molds. Store in either the fridge or the freezer. ENJOY!

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