Hot Chocolate in a Candy Cane Rimmed Glass

Our 2 Ingredient Hot Chocolate is perfect ANYTIME of the year. The candy cane rimmed glass makes it festive for the holiday season.


Optional: Candy Cane Rim


If making the Candy Cane rim, start with steps 1-7. For just the Hot Chocolate directions jump down to step 8.

  1. For the Candy Cane Rim place 1/4 cup of Dark Chocolate in a double boiler and 1/4 cup of White in another.
  2. Heat on stovetop over medium low heat.
  3. Once the chocolate starts to melt stir constantly until fully melted.
  4. Crush candy canes in a zip lock bag and put on 2 separate round plates.
  5. Grab 2 more plates and put white and dark chocolate on each plate.
  6. Dip top of glass into chocolate followed by the crushed candy cane.
  7. Let set for a few minutes while you make your hot chocolate.
  8. For the Hot Chocolate, heat non-dairy milk in a medium saucepan over medium-low heat until bubbles start to form.
  9. Add Pascha Chocolate Chips to the milk and whisk together.
  10. Turn the burner off while whisking together and whisk until it begins to blend well.
  11. Pour into mug and top with Vegan whipped cream if desired. Enjoy!

Music by Sergio Prosvirini

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