Reinventing the Classics: Keto Root Beer Cookie Float



We used Keto, Vegan options for this recipe. However, it will work with your desired version of any of the ingredients above.


  1. Line cookie tray with parchment and put marshmallows on top.
  2. Set broiler to high and place tray in oven.
  3. Watch closely 3- 5 minutes average time. Remove at desired doneness.
  4. Start to melt over medium heat your Pascha Chocolate in a double boiler.
  5. Scoop your favorite ice cream into your glass.
  6. Sprinkle some smashed cookies on top.
  7. Continue scooping your desired ice cream until about ¼ inch from the top.
  8. Pour Root Beer over the ice cream mixture about ¾ way up the glass.
  9. Scoop whipped cream on top followed by cookie crumbles and the toasted marshmallows.
  10. Pour melted chocolate over mixture.
  11. Add straw and Enjoy!

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