Top 5 Inner Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

If you have read any of our blogs, you already know that we cannot share enough about the powerful compounds in pure dark chocolate and how they support our inner health in so many ways.

Science continues to show us how a daily Mind. Body. Chocolate FIX truly does a body good and in only a short period of time. To give you an idea just how much a chocolate moment each day supports you we have put together a TOP 5 list.

TOP 5 Ways Dark Chocolate supports your INNER HEALTH

  1. Brain Health
  2. Hormonal Health
  3. Heart Health
  4. Appetite & Weight Management
  5. Inflammatory Support

To diver deeper into each topic head to our blog – The FIX where we share further what compounds in chocolate give us the most support & how science confirms it.

The best news of all is that a simple Mind. Body. Chocolate FIX added to your day may be a wonderful addition to help when you need it most.

YES – this is REAL!

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Pascha Chocolate comes from the foothills of the Andes mountains. We make our chocolate “Bean to Bar” at the source, meaning the cacao beans only travel minimally from the field to a local village to a nearby chocolate factory. The purer the chocolate - the greater the impact. It’s science!

Pascha is vegan, organic, sustainably sourced (Rainforest Alliance), 1% for the Planet, 100% plant-based, allergen-friendly, gluten-free and includes keto-friendly options.

Our YUMMY chocolate collection includes 55% to 100% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bars and Baking Chips. And our newest product - a single ingredient, Natural Organic Cocoa Powder (currently out of stock due to availability issues).

May Cause Good Mood

Photos of people enjoying a selection of Pascha Vegan and Organic Dark Chocolate Bars