Top 10 Tips for Tempering and Baking with Pascha Chocolate

Baking Season is fast approaching and whether you are a seasoned baker or a novice this guide is for you.

We have put together a guide that will support you every step of the way this holiday season. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on social media and we will answer you as soon as possible. We are here to help.

Our 10 Tips for You

  1. Melt using a double boiler for best results – many use the microwave and although it does the job the tendency to burn the chocolate is high. You can make a double boiler using a temperature safe bowl over your pot of water.
  2. Slowly melt your chocolate to avoid burning – we recommend medium low heat for melting chocolate.
  3. White and Dark Chocolate have different melting points – very important to note. Better to bake white chocolate longer at lower temps vs dark.
  4. Adding coconut oil to melted chocolate will give you the perfect magic shell. Great for dipping baked items to coat – recommend freezing or chilling anything you want to magic shell.
  5. Temper chocolate for a glossy finish – Learn how to temper our White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate.
  6. Always measure the temperature in the oven when baking & adjust accordingly – average oven is 25 degrees off so this is a simple fail safe.
  7. Measure chocolate with your heart & nothing else – need we say anymore?!?
    Measure chocolate with your heart.
  8. The more Pascha Chocolate the better in any recipe – FACTS.
  9. Salt & Orange perfect compliments to dark chocolate – really adds flavor to make simple additions say to a chocolate chip cookie or a chocolate pudding. The sky is the limit here friends. (Try these Orange Chocolate Cookies
  10. Store Chocolate in a dark cool place – don’t let slight discoloration alarm you. Pascha Chocolate is free from preservatives and over time the chocolate may slightly change color.

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