Baking Hack: The Perfect Shaped Cookie

When it comes to cookie baking this Hack is for you!

Make your favorite Pascha Chocolate Cookie recipe or box cookie mix.

Use whatever size cookie scoop you prefer. We are using a large scoop.

Be sure to scoop a level amount on the scoop removing any dough around the sides as well.

Place on parchment lined cookie sheet.

Bake following directions.

Perfect cookies when done!

Tips for Cookie Sandwiches:

This is the perfect way to use our Pascha Chocolate Buttercream or Notella Recipe to place between two cookies.

You can also use a store bought icing or ice cream (Try our Chocolate Paleo Ice Cream) and place between two cookies.

Melt Pascha Chocolate and roll the cookie sandwiches in sprinkles.

Make our Chocolate Shell recipe and dip ice cream sandwiches in or cover entire sandwich.

Music by Pavel Bekirov